The last Friday of 2019

The last Friday of another year – gulp. I hope everyone had a good Christmas, neither drank nor ate TOO much, and succeeded in keeping on good terms with all family members.

The shop has been fairly quiet today but among the books sold were some Nigel Tranter, a hardback copy of The Gulag Archipelago, a Cormac McCarthy and the usual assortment of crime.

The membership of Dark Deeds Book Club is increasing steadily and I have a great range of titles from which to chose. The January selection will be going out before the end of the year when the marvellous Wilma at the Post Office is back in harness. Thanks to all who have already subscribed. I am happy to provide details to anyone who might be interested.

Hopefully the beginning of 2020 will see the website fully operational – lots of ideas percolating. The shop will be open daily till 31st December and will then close until re-opening on Wednesday 29th January. Best wishes to you all for a peaceful New Year.

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