Another wet day

Another rather wet day in Wigtown and ‘modest’ is probably the kindest word to describe sales in the shop this week. However, there are always reasons to be cheerful.

  1. The flat above the shop is now ready for occupation – John McShane and Alan are there as I type, hanging the paintings and mirrors and attending to a few outstanding details.
  2. I am going to Cafe Rendezvous for dinner this evening with my sister and brother-in-law. The theme is ‘Scottish’. The food is always first class, the atmosphere relaxed and friendly and Ian and Maureen will win the quiz as they always do.
  3. I have started to read The Mirror and the Light – clever, absorbing and often very funny – a great finale to this amazing trilogy.
  4. And if anyone is interested, the Co-op here in Wigtown still has toilet rolls on the shelves. Is anyone able to explain to me this obsession with stocking up on toilet rolls????!!!!!

Happy days. Ruth

One thought on “Another wet day

  1. your “Another Wet Day” is a bit out of date – going out for dinner in lockdown?? and toilet rolls are more easily obtainable since the first rush! – unless Wigton has a particular need!
    The pictures depict a cosy and welcoming shop but could be a tad brighter. i liked the mention of the flat upstairs.

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